Autumn Martin Privett - Writer + Brand Strategist

Autumn Martin Privett is a multidisciplinary writer and strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Having taught herself to read before Kindergarten, she's literally spent her life chasing down good stories and trying to discover what makes them so darn compelling. She's curious about pretty much everything, which is how she's worked for clients ranging from Fortune 500 finance companies to start-up janitorial suppliers.

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Radisson Hotel Group, Country Inn & Suites, Chick-fil-A, Visa, Worldpay, Rank and File Magazine, Southern Automotive Alliance Magazine, U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting, Oobe, The Content Council, Trouve Magazine, Oracle, Artisans Collaborative, Southworks, Pegasus, etc.


Writing, Brand strategy, Positioning, Editorial, Marketing strategy, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.

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